Name: April Gargiulo
Company: Vintner’s Daughter
Title: Founder & CEO

Written by Noble Media


It has been hailed as the face oils to end all face oils. It’s got 22 active botanicals and is free of parabens, fragrances, and all of the nasty stuff that we think probably isn’t best to be slathering on your skin. It’s a hero product in and of itself, and the only item the brand, Vintner’s Daughter, currently carries.

We caught up with the founder, April Gargiulo, to chat about the formation of this all-hail facial serum – from the formulation itself, to building the brand. Her background is in winemaking, which adds another invaluable layer to the active, natural nature of the product (and a piece of info that generally makes us green with envy).

Can you tell us the journey behind starting VD?

Vintner’s Daughter began when I opened my eyes to the lack of quality and safe ingredients in traditional skincare. I was shocked to find out that active ingredients accounted for less than 10% of a product and the rest was cheap and often toxic filler. I dreamed of a 100% active and product that would seriously treat all of my skin issues – acne, discoloration, clarity, tone, elasticity and health. When I couldn’t find it on the market, I spent the next two years developing it with formulators. Our goal was to create a face oil with the ultimate multi-correctional activity and penetration.

How did your background in winemaking help you develop your first product?

Winemaking informs everything we stand for at Vintner’s Daughter. I grew up in a family business that is dedicated to making one of the finest wines in the world. For us that means quality is the yardstick by which we measure everything. There is no room for shortcuts from the dirt the grapes grow in to the barrel it is aged in. Every step of the process is critical to the outcome.

What was the ingredient selection process?

We chose the most high-quality, nutrient-rich and results-driven botanicals in the world, 22 active ingredients in total. We left them whole in order to extract their full range of activity. We believe this is critical to making a product of uncompromising quality and efficacy. Plants are intrinsically balanced and naturally provide skin both performance and nourishment. Using only one active ingredient misses the larger picture. We take advantage of every part of the plant – all the minerals, the vitamins, and the fatty acids. Because skin is made from the same nutritive building blocks, it knows what to do with Active Botanical Serum and becomes more balanced, bright and healthy.

What does your formulation process look like?

Our process is an ancient, time-honored method of extracting the full spectrum of a plant’s activity. It honors and protects every part of the plant to ensure a full range of the plant’s nutrition is infused into the foundation oil. It is very time-consuming and expensive, but there is no other way to provide the skin with as much optimal and skin beautifying nutrition. We don’t believe you can isolate specific active ingredients from a plant. That active will never perform as well as it would if the full range of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fatty acids were there. Nature provides the perfect balance.


“Vintner’s Daughter started with the idea that women shouldn’t have to compromise high quality for serious results or safety. We wanted to create a product that could make a dramatic improvement in the lives of the women and men that use it.”


How do you balance brand and product?

Vintner’s Daughter started with the idea that women shouldn’t have to compromise high quality for serious results or safety. We wanted to create a product that could make a dramatic improvement in the lives of the women and men that use it. Uniquely, we heavily invested in the actual ingredients, process and quality control, not packaging and marketing. Packaging was important in as much as it had to be environmentally conscious, safe and protective of the product inside it. The Vintner’s Daughter logo was designed to reflect simplicity, elegance and quality.

Why do you think the product has resonated with so many customers?

Our Active Botanical Serum was researched and formulated to be my desert island product. I wanted one product that would do everything and do it at the highest level of performance. I didn’t want to compromise non-toxic for performance and vice versa.

Because we addressed my issues at such a foundational level, almost all skin types benefit – acne, rosacea, hormonal etc. I think this multi-correctional idea resonated with a lot of busy, high performing women.

How did you originally launch VD?

We launched just amongst a small group of my friends and family. These early users had profound results across the board and word spread from there.

Because Active Botanical serum is such a different kind of beauty product, we have to choose our retailers very carefully. They must be passionate, educated and committed to telling our story, even though it is not always the simple one. In a world where products are sold based off of one or two trendy active ingredients, Vintner’s Daughter 22 time-honored ingredients can be a bit challenging. We like working with the bold.


What’s next for VD?

I want to continue to make category defining, game-changing products that make a profound difference in the lives of our customers. I also want to build a great company that attracts and inspires the very best people. I think these are the keys to building a timeless and enduring brand.

Can you tell us about your beauty routine?

I am all about simple but super effective. I cleanse, tone (with an acid based toner) and apply Vintner’s Daughter using Push / Press. The rest of my beauty routine consists of balanced nutrition (no refined sugar, cow dairy or gluten), movement, spirituality, friends and family. It’s a bit corny, but I believe true beauty is a light from within. It’s hard to describe. You know it when you feel it yourself or see it in others. Maybe its equal parts truth, intention and magic.

You have two young daughters. What example do you communicate to them when it comes to beauty?

They aren’t old enough yet to get too deep on the subject, but they know beauty is a twinkle in the eye, being brave, showing kindness to others, always being thankful for what they have… and sharing it.