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Names: Elle MacPherson, Andrea Horwood
Organization: WelleCo
Title: Co-Founders

Written by Noble Media

Australian-based WelleCo was co-founded by Andrea Horwood and Elle Macpherson in 2014. Clearly Elle needs no introduction, while Andrea is a force to be reckoned with herself – having been at the forefront of the Australian media industry in addition to founding another best selling brand, prior to launching WelleCo with Elle. We chatted to the co-founders about their journey of building the brand, their top wellness tips, and the power of ingestible beauty.

How and when did you both become passionate about health and wellness?

ANDREA: Australians are known for being inquisitive, brave and ‘true blue’. As a country we have a real hunger for what’s pure, clean and best for our health. We ask lots of questions – what’s in our food? Where does it come from? How will it benefit me? These are questions I ask for myself and my family, I wanted to create products that answered those questions.

ELLE: If my diverse career has taught me one thing, it’s the value of authenticity.  With this in mind, it was a no brainer and a natural progression to focus my business in wellness and beauty which were such an important part of my own personal life.

Can you talk about the journey of starting the company and some of the more difficult aspects of launching a business?

ELLE: As I approached 50, I realised my lifestyle needed a rejig in order to achieve maximum wellness and I could no longer rely purely on genetics for my wellbeing.  My nutritionist Dr Simone Laubscher Ph.D. recommended an alkalising green, all natural plant based powder that turned my life around, and this philosophy later became the basis of WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Greens, our hero product.

When formulating, our Australian scientific formulators look at the average imbalances of an adult and thought about what specific ingredients she could include to support gut health and balance the body’s 11 systems. We included key ingredients like horsetail and Omega 3 for healthy hair, skin and nails, probiotics and prebiotics to support digestion, and shiitake and maitake mushrooms that when combined, are great for the immune system. This considered approach has made WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Greens the ultimate multivitamin with great efficacy that absolutely drives our growth. Our offering now includes our all-in-one SUPER ELIXIR Greens, the cult pure plant-based Nourishing Plant Protein and our highly effective calming Sleep Welle tea.

ANDREA: Elle had been the face of my former business INVISIBLE ZINC suncare and we both knew we wanted to continue working together. Elle talked to me about a highly effective combination of alkalising, plant-based, whole food nutrients she had been taking from her Nutritional Doctor in London, all designed to keep your body at a healthy balanced pH level. It ignited a real interest in me and it wasn’t long before we both realised our venture together should be sharing this transformative green supplement. It is a version of that green supplement that became WelleCo’s cult SUPER ELIXIR Greens that we launched together in 2014.

Being a brand that falls somewhere between beauty and wellness has had its difficulties, especially in terms of consumer communication, but we are proud to have been the forerunners of the Ingestible Beauty movement that is now reshaping our customers priorities and joining the wellness and beauty worlds. Today WelleCo elixirs are available in over 60 countries and our online store has a global reach.

WelleCo Super Elixir has won many accolades including Tatler’s “Best Beauty Product 2017” and a recent finalist in the Fashion Group International Rising Star Beauty Awards in NYC.  We are meeting our fast-growing customer demand in the US and Asia, recently launched at Barneys NY and LA, and are opening our own flagship store in NYC this fall. This will be our unique wellness space that will include consultation areas where you can custom your individual supplementation needs, in-house events with blending counters for our famous green drinks and delicious plant protein smoothies.

Tell us about Super Elixir, your hero product.

ELLE: Our customers tell us their energy levels are higher, their skin glows, hair is thicker and they don’t fall as ill as often. For me, taking SUPER ELIXIR everyday assists with lowering acidity in my body that can lead to inflammation, low energy, weight gain and accelerated ageing of the cells. It has transformed the way I feel and made me realise what a profound impact good nutrition can have on the way I feel and how this can show on the outside.

ANDREA: WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Greens is a complex all in one daily formulation designed to support a healthier endocrine system, from your gut to your skin to your energy. Adding two teaspoons of this to a drink once a day is a simple way to give your body wholefood nutrients. As we have experienced ourselves and seen from our amazing customers, absorbable wholefood nutrition can have a profound effect on your health and physicality.


“If my diverse career has taught me one thing, it’s the value of authenticity. With this in mind, it was a no brainer and a natural progression to focus my business in wellness and beauty which were such an important part of my own personal life.”


Is there was a piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

ELLE: I would tell her feeling good, being nourished from the inside out, and being healthy boosts confidence and self-esteem which in turn makes us stronger. It’s something I have only learned to value as I’ve gotten older, and something I share with the women around me.

Where does WelleCo and the wellness conversation go from here?

ANDREA:  We are proud to have lead this revolutionary change in wellness. Our modern customer is well informed, educated and prioritises nutrition and the value of wellness in their life. We talk to our comunity on an elevated level because we feel they are informed and understand. Over the last 4 years we have witnessed the growing demand for our products. We listen to our customers and are currently working on new custom formulations and offerings to be released later this year.

ELLE: Beauty from the inside is now widely regarded globally. We are proud to have led this revolutionary change in the health and beauty sectors. But what we are most proud of is our loyal and ever-growing list of global customers and self-appointed ambassadors who have faith in our elixirs, love the product and see and feel the benefits every day. Twenty-somethings rave about its skin-boosting qualities, mothers take it to ramp up their energy levels and help with weight management, children love taking the delicious and seriously healthy Super Kids WelleCo NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN, and men love the WelleCo NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN without all the scary additives, animal by-products, and hormones.

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Lastly, any wellness tips and tricks you can give us?


• No emails to my phone.

• Plant based milks instead of dairy – Elle showed me how to make Hemp milk and I make this and almond milk at home every week for the family.
• Buy less and buy quality – as consumers we have all the power.


• Lost Explorer skin products.

• No screens on awakening or an hour before bed – try a meditation instead.

• Vinyasa Flow Yoga.