Name: Fanny Moizant
Organization: Vestiaire Collective
Title: Co-Founder

Written by Noble Media

Fanny Moizant is a co-founder of Vestiaire Collective, a luxury resale store launched in 2009 that set out to fill a much needed gap in the online market. The result was a hyper-curated platform for designer pieces that had either never been worn or were gently worn and kept in premium condition.

How did VC start?

The concept of Vestiaire Collective came up six years ago in the minds of our six co-founders, who all arrived at the idea for different reasons. I developed the concept based on my observations of blogger behavior. I spotted many top tier bloggers reselling their own items on their sites without a shopping section, e-commerce functionality or even so much as a dedicated post. It was then I began to think about creating a platform that would enable fashion lovers to re-sell coveted pieces.

Sebastien Fabre, now CEO of Vestiaire Collective, and Sophie Hersan who is our Product Director, came across the concept from another perspective. Their shopping experiences had left them with well curated closets, but without a re-sale platform that appreciated that elevated level of merchandise.

We all met through a friend and merged the two concepts. A few months later, in October 2009, Vestiaire Collective was born! In total, there are six co-founders, all very passionate, each a specialist in his or her own field.

Did you have sustainability in mind when you started the company?

Yes, we absolutely had sustainability in mind when we launched Vestiaire Collective . The resurgence of eco-consciousness was one of the main reasons we were convinced it was the perfect time to develop a global resale marketplace. I think that my generation is inherently environmentally conscious, so we’ve been very proud of Vestiaire Collective’s role in global waste reduction.

What have been some of the harder elements of VC?

Our lows have really just been trying trying to keep up with this huge growth and be “everywhere” at the same time; recruiting, driving the day-to-day business, launching new features, building and growing awareness of the brand while simultaneously trying to take a step back in order to keep innovating. We have had to fit all of that within such a short time that it can be hard to deal with sometimes.

How are you continuing to expand the company?

Our plan is to become a worldwide leader. For that, we are reinforcing our presence in Europe pushing hard in the US. We are growing our locals teams and partnering with the right talent in each regions to help us increase our awareness.

How do you merge content and commerce on the site?

We try to inspire our community by providing very edited fashion content, fully ‘home made’ via our French stylists. It’s important for us to keep our French DNA. We do our own shoots and campaigns and match them with the inventory on the site to enable our members to go through our huge catalog.

Our other type of content is directly provided by our users. Being a social platform means that we have a amazing volume of user generated content through their comments, likes, wish list, profiles…. This social content drives deep engagement as members are also coming to VC for advice, tips and inspiration from other fashionistas…


The resurgence of eco-consciousness was one of the main reasons we were convinced it was the perfect time to develop a global resale marketplace.”


What does a typical day at Vestiaire Collective look like?

It usually starts with a breakfast with someone interesting, editors, stylists, fellow entrepreneurs or potential partners. I love to meeting new people and I gain so much inspiration in those meetings. The day continues with some internal meetings in the London office or on Skype with our teams in Paris, Berlin or NYC. In France, we have lunch all together outside. In London, it’s more common to eat lunch in front of your own laptop. To fuel the team, I try to organize as many drinks, dinners or get togethers as possible.

After a full day of work, I walk home to see my daughters, put them to bed and then I usually finish the day by doing battle with the e-mails flooding my inbox!

I’ve read that you have a very edited capsule wardrobe. Is this a deliberate choice and what advice do you have around curating the perfect closet?

Yes I do, I will say that my closet is tiny compared some my friends who will remain nameless! I know what I love and buy several different versions of it. This comes from my desire for convenience and time. Being a mum and a busy entrepreneur I don’t have time to ask myself every morning, “what should I wear today?” so having a uniform helps.

An edited wardrobe is for me a no brainer! Organize your clothing by the current season and store off-season items to avoid being overwhelmed every time you open your closet. This will provide a clearer idea of what you’re actually wearing as well as what items you need.

Store leather goods and accessories, away from direct sunlight and use sealed containers for long-term storage to keep items in ready-to-wear (or sell) condition!

What is your daily uniform?

My basics are skinny jeans, a silk blouse or shirt and a nice pair of heels. I love simple and sleek looks that are accentuated with cool accessories like a pair of Gianvito Rossi heels, a Repossi Berbere ring or a quirky Charlotte Olympia clutch.